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Cosmetic and Family dentist in Seattle, WA

Dr. Sun

Dr. Matthew Sun

Dr. Matthew Sun was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area with his parents and brother. Dr. Sun completed his Bachelors in Chemical Biology at the University of California – Berkeley where he developed a lifelong passion for outrigger canoe paddling. He dedicated two years to work as a senior research associate at the University of California – San Francisco and accomplished his pipe dream of paddling solo from Maui to Molokai in Hawaii.

Dr. Sun earned his Doctorate of Dental Medicine from Penn Dental Medicine and graduated with honors in Clinical Dentistry and Community Oral Health and with awards in Prosthetics, Oral Medicine, Research, and Leadership. He also served as a teaching assistant and has authored multiple publications in prestigious peer reviewed journals. Dr. Sun concurrently completed a Masters in Bioethics from Penn Medical Ethics & Health Policy to expand his compassionate approach to patient care.

Dr. Sun proudly completed a general practice residency at the San Francisco VA Health Care System where he was mentored directly by a multidisciplinary team of specialists- adopting a global perspective for complex restorative, surgical, and aesthetic considerations.
Outside of work, Dr. Sun enjoys spending time with his fiancé exploring the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest through paddling and sharing stories over a home cooked meal with friends.



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