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Meet Dr. Chilton

Cosmetic and Family dentist in Seattle, WA

Dr. Chilton

Dr. Paul A. Chilton, DDS

“To find joy in work is to discover the fountain of youth.” – Pearl S. Buck

After 27 years, I can still say I was meant to be a dentist. I love almost everything about dentistry. Well, maybe not spit. I could do without spit.

As a child, I was always building things with my hands and had a knack for art. I would have two or three model kits going at one time and eventually I built my own models from scratch. I had a chemistry kit and a microscope and was an avid birdwatcher – all before the age of 12. Many years later I graduated from college with a research paper that was published in a scientific journal. I taught pre-nursing programs at a local college for a couple years and eventually, everything blended together, and I graduated with honors from both dental school and my dental residency. Dentistry for me was a unification of my life skills, childhood passions, and the drive for mastery.

My mantra as a young man was to “know something so well I could teach it.” The caveat to my skill set as a dentist is that I am truly a people person – this is not always a skill you see in a nerdy, geeky, birdwatching artist that likes precision and excellence. When mentoring others about dentistry, I always say it is never a tooth walking into my waiting room. Teeth are always attached to a person and the person is attached to a story, a voice, and a life. My office and staff reflect my life’s commitment to dentistry. I value and cherish my patients who trust me with my skills and their dental health.

I love spending time with my wife Suellen of 31 years and my successful three daughters; Morgan, Tess and Kyle. I still watch birds, am an avid snow skier, play a colorful game of golf and recently have placed fly fishing and wake surfing on my list of loves.

Dentistry has changed over my years but my basic goal of helping others through the passion I have has not. Keep smiling – it’s the first thing people see on your face.

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